Looking out for our world

At The Lookout we feel strongly that the next and future generations have a vital, and incredibly valuable, part to play in shaping the world we live in.  

Our hope are we will inspire children to ensure they grow up to embrace their role in a sustainable future.   Children are shown how to look after themselves and their resources – we actively recycle, reuse and upcycle resources, as well as reducing the waste we make.  We use sustainable resources and products to ensure children are being led by example. 

We use the great outdoors, and out wonderful garden and forest ages to encourage the children to explore the world around them so they will grow up with a habit of caring, appreciation and looking after their environment.  We feel our role is to teach children about their impact on the environment; our dream is a world where everyone, young and old, takes responsibility.

Children at the Lookout Day Nursery are shown respect for the environment, how to look after their resources, how to recycle and reduce their waste, the children are enabled to make choices, from a young age that show them they are making a different to a much bigger community/purpose – right working??  We will grow our own herbs and vegetables with the children, using water from the water butt, meaning the children can sample their home grown produce during snack and meal times, learning huge amount of biology at the same time.

Eco friendly childcare – A journey in partnership with the children as well as the parents to build a bright and sustainable future generation to lead our world.  At The Lookout we pledge to make the right choices in terms of the environment, whether that is making our own natural wet wipes, reducing waste, recycling rainwater in the garden, using products that have the least impact on the environment.  We will use the Eco school structure to make the right choices…

Eco School Status – Our aim with the children is to achieve Eco School Status, no mean feat for a Early Years setting.  Working in partnership with the children to make decisions about how we manage waste, teaching the children about harvesting and regulating water.  The children and their Eco committee will guide us through the important issues to them, making changes to build them a brighter and more sustainable future.