Holiday and After School Clubs

Holiday Club

Our holiday Clubs run during all the main school holidays, we cater to school-aged children from age 4 – 11 years.

As always The Lookout Club will be led by the children’s interests with lots of activities offered, whilst following their lead. Claire and Cara will plan the days based on the children who attend and their interests. The holidays will be full of fun with the children taking part in activities of their choosing, from activities such as… baking scrummy treats, sports and games, woodland activities, den building, arts, crafts and handiwork, campfire cooking, adventure walks, using the local woods, day trips exploring local events and activities and we always finish off the week with a party!  

The Lookout Adventurers Holiday Club will be running every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday throughout the holidays –

The club will be available from 9am – 5pm and will include lunch, either a hot lunch if on site at Monkton Farleigh, or a packed lunch if off on an adventure!  All snacks throughout the day and Tea is provided before heading home.  

The full day is charged at £48.50

The holiday club weeks will be filled to the brim with the usual woodland adventures, craft and fun, planned around the children’s interests.

If you are already registered with The Lookout Club, then there is no need to send another form, please just let us know the days you would like your child/children to attend and we can book them in directly.

If you are not already registered at The Lookout Club, please fill in the form using the button below and we will confirm the space to you via email.

After School Clubs

We run an Afterschool club from both the Atworth and Monkton Farleigh Churchfields sites. Atworth children attend the Afterschool club at Atworth site. For the Monkton Faleigh site we currently currently pick up from Bathford and Monkton Farleigh schools. The children enjoy afternoons of playing in the meadow, woodland activities, arts and crafts, baking, and of course lots and lots of games! The Lookout Club follows the same free-range ethos as the nursery, we are led by the children’s interests and encourage the children to help us plan the sessions and activities.